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El Paissano

Lemon with Leaf
Swiss cheese
Green parsley
Spicy Chili Chili

El Paissano,

is a Gastronomic Blog in which I share recipes, as well as reviews of establishments, product recommendations, and my own stories, always revolving around

Food and Drink

Ss Favicom Paissano



Welcome to my Blog, El Paissano

Welcome to my Blog, El Paissano

Welcome to my Blog, El Paissano I have finally decided to create my personal blog in WordPress, (after researching my options a lot,  this is the best platform for what I want.)I intend to use this online space to connect and record my gastronomic journey, which is...

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El Paissano,

a person of tradition, who enjoys good food, consumes products from his surroundings and lives like a local each place he travels to

A Healthy Country,

being very aware of the environmental impact of the food industry, seeks methods to combat it


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