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Today I am going to show you how to make an intense Chocolate Fluffy Brownie with pure flavor. Accompanied by a Dulce de Leche and Coffee Sauce, with Coconut flakes and Walnuts (Optional)


These wonderful Brownies are quick and easy to make, inexpensive, and a delight for any dessert or Tea time.

Recipe for 10 Servings

Preparation time: 1h

Difficulty: Medium – Easy

Cost per Serving: € 1

Pairing: Black Tea

The Brownie along with the Lemon Pie, are surely the two pastry recipes that I have made most in my life, it sold a lot in Villa María(my hometown) But this recipe for Brownies that I make now has nothing to do with the one I made during that time, which was more like a slightly drier nougaton (I also loved it). You are going to love this Brownie, as it combines a couple of simple techniques, but with great results, making it a true Wonder.

A Good Recipe

Some important factors to making this recipe are, the low amount of flour in proportion to fat content, and beaten eggs to help air the mix, so that it is a little more Fluffy and Tender inside. Some of the sugar has to be mixed and caramelized when making the chocolate ganache (melting the butter with the semisweet chocolate) which gives it a Crunchy Texture on the outside, when cooked. In addition to cooking it in a preheated oven. Also a High content of Chocolate is needed we will be using cocoa powder.

Brownie Ingredients

The Brownie technique, to make it more tender inside, is to remove from the oven when it is not yet completely cooked the important thing is that a solid layer has formed on the outside, we can check it by moving the tray, and see that it does not move/shake much.

Being almost entirely Chocolate and Butter, when it is hot it will be softer, and when it cools, it will solidify more. So if you always prefer it soft, you can Heat it a little when serving it (if you eat it the next day) as is usually done when it is eaten with Vanilla Ice Cream for example.

I like to enjoy it both warm and cold, very soft when freshly cooked, and a little more solidified the next day.

You can also keep it out of the fridge so that it does not harden, covered with plastic wrap. Or keep them in a glass jar, like cookies.

Another way we have to eat it in Argentina is with a thin layer of Dulce de leche, then Vanilla Pastry Cream, and completing it with Meringue.

For this version, I made a Coffee Cream with Dulce de leche, I sprinkled it with Coconut flakes and chunks of Walnuts. Let’s say it’s a slightly lighter version, which allows you to enjoy the Chocolate Brownie itself even more.

Fluffy Chocolate Brownie Ingredients

For the Intense Chocolate Brownie

Semisweet Chocolate (70% Cocoa) 250 gr (2 Cups)

Unsalted Butter 250 gr

Free-range Eggs L 4

Brown Sugar 200 gr (1 Tablespoon)

Salt 1 Pinch

Bitter Cocoa 20 gr (2 Tablespoons)

Hot Coffee 30 ml (2 tablespoons)

Yeast Flour (With Chemical Yeast) 60 gr (1/2 Cup)

(OR 60 gr of Common Flour, with 3 gr of Baking Powder (1 Teaspoon)


For the Dulce de Leche and Coffee Cream

Whole Milk 100 ml (1 Glass)

Coffee 50 ml (1/2 Cup)

Brown Sugar 50 gr (1/4 Cup)

Cornstarch (Cornstarch) 20 gr (1 Tablespoon)

Free Range Egg L 1

Vanilla Essence 5 ml (1 Teaspoon)

Dulce de Leche 100 gr (3 Heaped Tablespoons)

For decoration

Coconut Flakes 25 gr (1 Tablespoon)

Walnut 30 gr (1 Tablespoon)



For the Intense Chocolate Brownie

1) Melt in a bain-marie, the Semisweet Chocolate 70% Cocoa with the Butter and half the Brown Sugar (100 gr)

2) Beat well with Whisk, in a separate Bowl, the Free Range Eggs with the remaining Sugar (100 gr) and the Pinch of Salt

3) Once the Dark Chocolate Ganache is at room temperature, add it to the Eggs with the Sugar and slowly incorporate everything

4) Add, sifting well, the self-rising flour (or flour with baking powder) and the Bitter Cocoa

5) Incorporate at this point, the hot Coffee, over the Cocoa, mix these two first, and then incorporate the entire preparation with enveloping movements

6) Place the preparation in a Mold of your choice, which should be well greased, and better if it has parchment paper underneath (Optional also on the sides)

7) Cook it in a preheated 180º oven for 30-35 minutes. Until you see that at the top, a crust has formed, and it does not move much when shaking it. Inside it must be well Humid

8) Let it rest in the same Mold for 15 minutes once you remove it from the oven, so that it retains the humidity

9) Remove it from the Mold where it was cooked, once the 15 minutes have passed, and let it cool before cutting it

For the Dulce de Leche and Coffee Cream

1) Heat the Whole Milk with the Coffee in a Saucepan

2) Mix, in a separate Container, the Brown Sugar with the Cornstarch (Cornstarch)

3) Add the Egg and the Vanilla Essence, beat well

4) Remove the Milk and Coffee mixture from the heat, add little by little, mixing well, this preparation to the Corn Starch with the Sugar and the Egg

4) Put all the preparation in the Saucepan, and bring it to the fire at medium temperature, stirring well until it thickens

4) Remove it now permanently, once it boils and thickens the preparation. Add Dulce de Leche and dissolve it


For decoration

1) Place the Intense Chocolate Brownie on a Presentation Tray

2) Spread the Coffee Cream and Dulce de leche on top

3) Sprinkle coconut flakes, and finish it with chopped walnuts

Video on Youtube

In case you prefer to see the recipe on video, for the Fluffly Chocolate Brownie | Easy Recipe – NO Nuts, here I leave it to you

Step by Step Chocolate Brownie

Bitter Chocolate Brownie
Semisweet Chocolate Butter

1) Place the butter cut into cubes in a Bain-Marie and begin to melt it. Then add the Semi-Bitter Chocolate (leave a little for last), stir

(This mix is ​​called Ganache)

Remember that you must go Preheating the Oven, to 180º

(Esta mezcla se llama Ganache)

Recuerda que ya debes ir Precalentando el Horno, a 180º

Brown sugar

2) Add half of the Brown Sugar (100 gr), and melt everything together. This will cause the Sugar to caramelize, and as the Brownie is cooked, a crispy coating forms on the outside

Bitter Chocolate Ganache

3) Keep Stirring, while everything melts slowly, taking care not to burn the Chocolate. Once we achieve a smooth and uniform texture, let the mixture cool

Free-range Eggs Salt

4) Place 4 L-size Eggs, in a separate Bowl, and add salt. Start beating with Rods

Brown Sugar Free-range Eggs

5) Continue Beating the Eggs, while gradually adding the remaining Brown Sugar (100 gr). Make sure it dissolves well

Chocolate Ganache with Free-range Eggs

6) Combine the Dark Chocolate Ganache (if it is already at room temperature), to the Eggs (once they have a spongy texture). Keep mixing

Sprinkled self-rising flour

7) Sift the self-rising flour (with chemical yeast) or all-purpose flour with the baking powder

Bitter Cocoa Coffee

8) Add the Bitter Cocoa, well sifted, and over this, the hot Coffee. First mix the Coffee with the Cocoa with Rods, and then incorporate everything with enveloping movements

70% semi-bitter chocolate

9) When everything is well integrated, add the chopped Chocolate that we had reserved (optional). This chocolate will melt when cooked and will add even more intensity to this Delicious Dessert

Brownie Mix to Container

10) Pour all the preparation into an Oven Mold, of your choice, that you have previously buttered well. I recommend that you put parchment paper underneath, to make sure you can unmold it well. My mold can open on the sides, if yours does not, I recommend that you also put parchment paper on the sides. You can also butter and flour everything well, and when unmolding, help yourself with a knife

Ready Cooked Brownie

11) Cook it in a previously preheated oven, at 180º, for 30-35 minutes. It is important not to do too much, otherwise it will be very dry. The key is to remove it from the heat, when on the outside it has already made a crunchy layer, and when moving it, the more static preparation is noticeable, not liquid. But it should look good and moist on the inside. When doing the knife test, it should not come out clean as in the Sponge Cake. Once done, let it rest for 15 minutes in the same Container to retain moisture.

Dulce de Leche and Coffee Cream
Coffee Cream Ingredients

For the Cream, you can omit the Dulce de Leche, or change it for something else such as a Hazelnut Cream or Nutella

Hot Milk Coffee

1) Pour the coffee with the milk into a Small Pot and heat it to a simmer

Cornstarch Cornstarch Egg Vanilla Sugar

2) Mix in a separate Container, the Cornstarch, along with the Brown Sugar, the Egg and the Vanilla Essence. Add the solids first and then beat the Egg with Sticks, along with the Vanilla Essence. Make sure that all ingredients mix well.

Tempering Sweet Milk Cream


Pour the Milk with the hot Coffee little by little, into the mixture of Cornstarch with Egg and Sugar, to temper it, so that the change in temperature is not drastic, in this way we will avoid lumps. You must constantly be stirring the mixture

Sweet Milk Cream Cooking

4) Then, return everything to the Saucepan and take it to the fire again. At medium temperature, always stirring until it thickens.

Sweet Milk and Coffee Sauce

5) When it boils remove from the heat, and add Dulce de Leche, dissolving it well.

As I said, this is optional, and you can add whatever you want, such as Chocolate Chips, some dried fruit, Hazelnut or Almond Cream, etc.

For an even smoother texture, you can pass through a fine strainer all the Coffee Sauce with Dulce de Leche

Decoration for the Chocolate Brownie with Dulce de Leche Cream and Coffee
Brownie in Presentation Tray

1) Once it has cooled down, place the Brownie on the Presentation Tray of your choice

Ready Dessert Decorated Sauce and Walnut

2) Spread the Sauce over the Brownie, sprinkle coconut flakes, and (optionally) Chopped Walnut or dried fruit of choice.

Detailed Cost Breakdown – Brownie SPONGE | Easy Recipe – NO Nuts

Detailed Cost Breakdown - Brownie SPONGE | Easy Recipe - NO Nuts


This is a recipe Suitable for Everyone, as most will love it, especially those who «only» like Desserts when they are made of Chocolate. This version of Brownie is very chocolatey and rich in flavor.

You can try this recipe and make your Magic Brownies, I assure you they will be wonderful.

Ready Dessert Decorated Sauce and Walnut

Do you dare to do it? Leave me your opinion in the comments and what you think if you have tried it!

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