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Today I am going to show you how to make this Creamy Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk, Deep and rich in flavor, accompanied by Basmati Rice, perfect for any occasion.


This wonderful Curry is easy and quick to prepare, not expensive at all, and will be an ace up your sleeve for any occasion you want to surprise, without complicating yourself too much.

Recipe for 6 Servings

Preparation time: 1h

Difficulty: Easy

Cost per Serving: € 2.90

Pairing: White Wine | Sauvignon blanc

It is incredible how I have expanded my Gastronomic Horizons since I have arrived to Europe, and not only because of the Mediterranean Gastronomy, of which I have enjoyed eating and drinking all there is, but from all Over the World! Of course, you don’t have to come to Europe (from Argentina) to try a great diversity of dishes, it also has (a lot) to do, with living in big cities, where the cultural exchange and the offer are much greater. What is clear is that having lived all my life in Villa Maria, I had never tried dishes like this. It is definitely not so strange, as I had known or used many of the ingredients. The Curry’s preparation and ingredients are also consumed by part of South America. And of course, I had never tasted the Coconut fruit itself. Although I had tried the Piña Colada that is really not a fair or accurate taste as it is usually made with industrialized puree or cream, and quite sugary.

A Good Recipe

I’ll be speaking about food and drink from around the world and especially the Mediterranean in future posts, but now I will focus on this Recipe, which is as Delicious as it is Simple, which makes it even more Amazing.

Of course I know that to make a great Curry they are made very slowly with everything well infused, but this Curry recipe is surely faster to make than the original. Even so, I like to prepare it (and I urge you to do it) without haste, cooking over low heat so that all the flavors are well concentrated, once all the ingredients are incorporated (except the ginger) lastly, with just regular acidity and seasoning (salt and pepper), you will have the perfect dish to serve, accompanied by the Rice (Better if it is Basmati) that is so simple to prepare, and delicious to eat, you will no longer want to do it any other way.

Chicken Curry Ingredients

The important thing is to start by cooking the chopped chicken in a Frying pan, over high heat, and then gradually incorporate the rest. Once you add the Coconut Milk, reduce the heat to medium, and here it will depend on your patience, but the longer you let it cook, concentrating the sauce (taking care that it does not dry out too much), the better it will be. In the end, you should try it to check if it needs a little more Salt or Pepper, and also, if the Tomato has left a little acidic taste, I recommend that you add a little Sugar (Brown better) to balance it. Accompany it with cooked white rice, and a little parsley or coriander.

Curry is what is known as the style of certain dishes made in the region (mainly) of India, which combine various spices, including Cumin, Turmeric, Coriander seeds and some Chillies. At present, different preparations called Curry are sold, containing these ingredients, but varying others, which gives a diversity to each dish, just as each Restaurant can prepare its own characteristic Curry. There is also a plant called Curry, whose leaves are part of this preparation.

Curry can be prepared Dry or Liquid (as in this version).

It combines perfectly with Coconut Milk, but it can also be Substituted for Any Cream be it of Animal or Vegetable origin, such as Greek Yogurt.

Ingredients Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Ginger

Free-range Chicken (Breast) 1 Kg (4 Breasts)

Garlic 6 cloves (30 gr)

Onion 1 (250 gr)

Crushed Tomato 100 ml (7 Tablespoons)

Curry 10 gr (1.5 Tablespoons)

Cumin 3.5 gr (1/2 Tablespoon)

Turmeric 3 gr (1/2 Tablespoon)

Coconut Milk 400 ml

Ginger 10 gr

Brown Sugar 15 gr (1 Tablespoon)

Salt and Pepper To taste

Perfect Basmati White Rice

Basmati Rice 3/4 Cup (140 gr)

Water 1 Cup (250 ml)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 15 ml (1 Tablespoon)

Salt and Pepper To taste


Coriander / Parsley 5 gr


Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Ginger

1) Cut the Chicken Breast into cubes (Better if it is free-range), and put them to cook in the Pan, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2) Add the minced Garlic and Onion to the Pan, once the Chicken is golden on the outside

3) Cook for a moment more, integrating well, and sprinkle well, the Curry, Cumin and Turmeric. Season well

4) Incorporate, after about 5 minutes stirring everything, the Crushed Tomato. Keep mixing

5) Add already, at this point, the Coconut Milk (You can also use Greek Yogurt, or any type of Cream, whether of Animal or Vegetable origin)

6) Reduce the sauce, for about 15-20 minutes over Medium Heat

7) Taste it, and adjust if necessary, with more Salt and Pepper. In addition, you can optionally add Sugar (Better if it is Brown) to Balance the Acidity

8) Finish the preparation, grating Fresh Ginger on top, and remove it from the heat

Perfect Basmati White Rice

1) Heat a Saucepan / Casserole and add Olive Oil

2) Measure, from a Cup, 3/4 of it with Rice, put it in the pot with the Oil, and stir well

3) Brown it for 20-30 seconds, Salt and pepper to taste

4) From the same cup with which we measure the Rice, measure a whole one with Water and add it to the pot / Casserole

4) Cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes

4) Remove it from the heat, stir it with a Spatula, and leave it covered for 5 more minutes


1) Serve the Rice on a Plate, the Chicken Curry with Coconut Cream and Ginger on the side, or on top

2) Finely chop parsley or coriander leaves, and spread them over the rice and chicken

Youtube Video

In case you prefer to see the recipe on video, Chicken CURRY with COCONUT MILK, Ginger and Perfect Rice

here I have it for you

Step by Step Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice

Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Ginger

Olive Oil Skillet

1) Place Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a very hot frying pan. You can Substitute this Oil for any of your liking, even Butter

Chicken Roasting

2) Add the chopped Chicken, cut into cubes of approximately 1 cm on each side. You can use breast or thighs, although I prefer to use breast. Sauté it over high heat so that they brown on the outside

Onion and Garlic with Chicken

3) Add the garlic and the chopped onion to the Pan, once the chicken has already browned on the outside, continue cooking over high heat. If it leaks a lot of liquid, I recommend that you remove a little with a spoon.

Here add Salt and Pepper to taste (at last you will have to regulate it again)

Chicken Curry

4) Spread well, distributing throughout the preparation, the following main ingredients to make a good Basic Curry.

Curry Powder Mix

Chicken Cumin

5) Ground cumin

Turmeric with Chicken

6) Turmeric Powder

Sauteed Curry

7) Continue stirring, integrating each ingredient well, with the Skillet over high heat

Crushed Tomato with Curry

8) Add the Crushed Tomato to the preparation and stir to integrate everything

Coconut Milk Curry

9) Add the Coconut Milk (or Greek Yogurt) little by little, mixing well

Curry sauce

Bring the heat of the stove to medium heat, and reduce the sauce for at least 15-20 minutes (the longer the better) be careful that it does not dry out too much, if this happens, you can add a little water . The objective of cooking it for a longer time over low heat is to achieve a good concentration of flavors and a thicker consistency of the sauce.

Brown Sugar to Sauce

11) This point is optional, once you have cooked the sauce for at least 20 minutes, taste it and regulate the flavor it has, add Salt and Pepper to taste. Here I like to add Brown Sugar (10-15 gr) to balance the Acidity that the Tomato gives

Grated Fresh Ginger

12) Finish this preparation, grating Fresh Ginger, and remove the Pan from the heat

Perfect Basmati Rice

Perfect Basmati Rice

Perfect Rice Ingredients

You will only need Long White Rice or Basmati, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or any of your choice) and Water, in addition to Salt and Pepper to taste

Basmati Rice to Olive Oil

1) Pour the Oil into a small pot and heat it well, then add the Rice, stir well

Salt and Pepper Basmati Rice

2) Season to taste with Salt and Pepper, and continue stirring, browning the Rice

Water for Perfect Rice

3) Add the water, and integrate everything well, giving the last stir. Keep cooking over high heat

Basmati Rice Cooking

4) When it reaches a boil, cover it, and cook it over low heat for about 15-20 minutes. Then remove it from the heat, stir it a little, allowing the remaining water to evaporate, and cover it again for another 5 minutes.

Boiling Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice Ready

6) Once the Rice is finished, you will have a slightly crunchy texture although not dry, well cooked and not at all pasty or caked

Presentation Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Basmati Rice

Decorated Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Basmati Rice

Serving Perfect Rice

1) Proceed to plate all the preparation, first placing the Basmati Rice

Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice

2) Spread the sauce over the Rice, or directly to the side, as you prefer

Garnish with a little chopped Cilantro or Parsley.

Detailed Cost Breakdown – CURRY Chicken with COCONUT MILK and Perfect Rice

CURRY Chicken Detailed Breakdown Cost


This is an Everyone-Friendly recipe, and one that most people are going to love. You can add some type of chili if you like this dish to be spicy. I love spicy, but the good thing about this dish is that it is well spicy and tasty, but it does not spice at all, so everyone can eat it peacefully.

Also if you don’t like it, you can not add the Crushed Tomato.

And as I said before, with the Coconut Milk, you can substitute it for Greek Yogurt, or some Cream or Cream, both Animal and Vegetable.

You can use Chicken Breast or Thigh, you can even substitute it for whatever else you like the most, such as Vegetables, Textured Soybeans, etc.

Chicken Curry Finished Plated Decorated

Do you dare to do it? Leave me your opinion in the comments and what you think if you have tried it.

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