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    About me

    Hello! My name is Fabrizio Petini, and this is my story

    Map Argentina

    I was born in a small city in the interior of Argentina, called Villa Maria, in the province of Córdoba. There I discovered my passion for Gastronomy and Tourism. While working in a travel agency, I took a course in Bakery and another in Pastry, so I began to make and sell these products on my own, adding more and more variety to my list as I learned to make them.

    Map italy

    When I was 22 years old, I came to live to Europe. I first came to Italy, where I began to train on my own in the art of cooking and cocktails, an area that has always interested me. There too, while living at my mom’s house, I got my Italian citizenship.

    Map of Spain

    In mid-2014, I came to live in Spain (the country in which I still reside). First I lived in Barcelona, ​​for almost two years. While there I started working in different bars and restaurants, in the meantime I did a professional Bartender course. I love that city, but the fact of wanting to continue traveling made me move.

    The summer season of 2016 I spent it in Ibiza working, as a Bartender in a place located on a secluded beach, while enjoying the warmth of that wonderful island.

    For more than 5 years now, I have been living in Madrid, where I have continued training in Gastronomy and Hospitality, doing different courses and workshops, and a Master in Distilled Beverages and another in Business Management. Here I have worked in various cocktail bars, either in Bars or Hotels.

    My passion for gastronomy runs in the family, mainly after my father and my grandmother, from whom I have always learned their methods and recipes. My influences at the moment are clearly marked by the Mediterranean Gastronomy in general, but the elaborations or flavors will always have their flair similar to the food that I was always accustomed to in Argentina.

    My main passions have always been eating and traveling, I think there is nothing that has called me more, but also, I have always had an affinity with music and everything audiovisual.

    I understand El Paissano, as a person of tradition, who enjoys good food, consumes products from his surroundings and enjoys every place he travels as a local. It also refers to health care, and how to use the same food, in addition to necessity and pleasure, as a medicine and energy to charge for the body. El Paissano is also a healthy country, being very aware of the environmental impact that the food industry has, seeking methods to combat it. Finally, this feeling of sustainability not only has environmental benefits, but also economic benefits for each individual or their company.

    Big City, Madrid


    I like nature, and being in quiet places, but currently, I prefer to live in big cities

    Music, Guitar and DJ Controller


    My favorite genres in music are Pop / Rock and Electronic

    Brain and Numbers


    I’ve always liked math, business, and finance

    Sea and mountain


    I love both the Sea and the Mountain, but I prefer to live by the sea

    Sports, Martial Arts, Paddle, Swimming


    I love Padel and Swimming, in addition to Martial Arts

    Saturn and Telescope


    Also, I love everything that has to do with Physics, especially Astronomy


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