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These Cocktails are quick and easy to make, with ingredients that we will easily find, and mostly liked by all sorts of people.

They are good for any gathering, be it between friends, family or as with your partner.

Some of them are perfect to accompany food, others as an aperitif, and the last one is perfect to accompany as a compliment to dessert, or directly as the main dessert.

2020 | End of the year

This year is over, whatever it may be, it has given a lot to talk about, and we will always remember this year.

Time is subjective, each person lives it in a different way, and the more monotonous our days are, the faster days seems to go by (I am not talking about day to day, which in fact the more fun, the faster it is, but in the long run, a month may seem to have flown by without noticing it.)

Not that I’m saying that the days during the quarantine have not become quite monotonous, but, again, seen on larger scales, how can we forget this year? I believe that each and every one of them has affected us a lot, and I know many people (myself included) that the nature of this year has led to great changes in plans. The important thing is to adapt to each situation.

How important this year (and what follows) has been for us and how little importance will be given to it in the future by people who have not yet been born, or who have lived for a few years, to realize the situation.

Obviously, what we are experiencing is a historical milestone, which will be studied, analyzed and remembered. We are the ones who have lived the entirety of this time.

I have not lived through the process of any world war, and when the Berlin Wall fell, I was just about to be born. So, no matter how much they tell me or I see it in movies and countless documentaries, I will never really know what it has been like to have lived through those remarkable times.

Be that as it may, it’s New Year’s Eve and you have to celebrate, either alone or with someone.

I have decided to share some easy to make cocktail recipes, with simple ingredients, using ingredients that anyone can find.

Mimosa Cocktail


This Aperitif Cocktail is a classic for any brunch. A good compliment, for example, to Eggs Benedict. (See Recipe)

It is made with Orange Juice and some Sparkling, such as Cava, Prosecco or Champagne, in equal parts. To spice it up, you may add Orange Liqueur if you wish.


Half orange juice

Half a glass of Sparkling

10 ml Orange Liquor (optional)


In a very cold glass, first pour the sparkling wine, then the Orange Liqueur (optional) and finally one the Orange Juice. Decorate with the skin or half a slice of Orange.

Mimosa Champagne Orange Cava

Kir royale

Also a classic cocktail of French origin,

the Cassis Cream Liqueur and Champagne are combined. We can use any Sparkling Wine, as in the Mimosa, and we can substitute the Cassis Liqueur (Blackcurrant) for one of Blackberry, for example, Blueberries or Raspberry


1 glass of sparkling wine

1/2 shot fruit liqueur


In a very cold glass, pour the sparkling wine first and the liquor on top. Garnish with some blackberries or blueberries

Kir Royale Champagne Cassis Mora Cava


It’s a Classic UK Punch

This is a personal variation, with a touch of Dulce de Leche, and with “Holiday spices.”

Here I directly stirred it in a Cocktail Shaker, but it works much better, if it is stirred in a Blender, Glass Blender or Multiquick

It can be freezing cold, or hot, either way, it’s delicious


1 Egg Yolk

1 teaspoon of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon

2 Shot of Brandy (50 ml)

1/2 tablespoon of Dulce de Leche

1/2 Glass of Milk (100 ml) (I used Oat Milk)


First, start beating the egg yolk with the sugar, the cinnamon and the Dulce de Leche, then add the Brandy and the Milk, and continue beating.

It is better if you use a Hand Mixer or Glass Blender.

You can also drink it hot, by heating the milk before adding it.

Eggnog Egg Nog Dulce de Leche

L’orange & Cherry

This is an Aperitif with good alcohol content. This kind of cocktail is great to enjoy slowly by sipping, sip by sip.

It is in the style of a Manhattan, in the sense that two of the ingredients are Whiskey and Vermouth, but in this case, the Vermouth is Dry. I add sweetness by including a Sherry Brandy Liquor, with Sevillan Oranges, Lemon, Cardamom and cloves.

You can Substitute it for any liqueur of your liking, such as some orange liqueur.

I also used the Marraschino Cherry Syrup here, which I later used to decorate.


2 Whiskey Shots (50 ml)

1 Shot of Dry Vermouth (25 ml)

1/2 Shot of Liquor (12 ml)

1 Teaspoon of Marraschino Cherry Syrup


Simply, in any glass or container that is previously cooled, place the ingredients, with ice and stir, to mix and cool them, and add water through the dilution of the ice. After about 20 to 30 seconds of stirring with a spoon, and it is ready to be served in a very cold glass, decorating it with a Marraschino Cherry

L'orange & Cherry Orange Brandy

Clover club

The Clover Club is a Classic Cocktail too, from the pre-Prohibition era in the United States, consisting of, Gin, Egg White (To give it creaminess when shaken hard) Lemon Juice and Raspberries

There are versions in which Vermouth is added, and this is one of them.

I have changed the Raspberries for a Red Fruit Jam (Wild berries) but really, any Jam is good, or Natural Fruit.


2 Shots of Vodka (50 ml) You can use Gin

1 Egg White

1 teaspoon of sugar

Half Lemon Juice (20 ml)

2 Shot of Brandy (50 ml)

1 Teaspoon of Red Fruit Jam (or more, if you want)


For these types of Cocktails, it is necessary to have a Shaker, or something that closes well to be able to Beat, Shake energetically. In this way, to be able to mount the Egg White. Start by adding all the ingredients in the Shaker, mix them well with the spoon, close the Shaker and shake vigorously, then open it and add the ice to it. Make one last Shake, and strain it into the previously cooled glass. Garnish with the Skin of a Lemon

Clover Club Cocktails

These cocktails I made with my friend Alex

Here I leave you a  Video, about the “Behind the Cameras” of ours taking the photos


Clover Club Cocktail

Cocktail making is simple, it can also be complicated, I love creating and drinking cocktails, and depending on the place or time, I play with the complexity and elaboration.

For this Cocktail, as for the others, they are easy to elaborate and you will have no problem finding the ingredients needed.

So I encourage you to make them, and tell me what you think.

Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoy this New Year’s Eve, and leave behind the Wonderful 20 20

Kir Royale


L’orange & Cherry
Clover Club


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